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This endpoint is deprecated, please use PUTapi/customerorders instead.

Submit New Customer Order Batched Saves new orders or updates pending orders. If the packing slip number has already been processed, the message will be ignored. This method will accept orders as a array.


  • Method: PUT
  • Content Type: application/json
  • URL:


  • access_key : your unqiue api key provided by GSS
  • site_id : which site you are requesting action for


The body of the message should be sent as an JSON array.

packingslipnostringSpecify the unique order number from your source system, that was used as the packing slip no when the order was published.
consigneestringRecepient name.
address1stringAddress line 1, eg, building identifier, like Level 1, Fisher House, etc.
address2stringAddress line 2, street name.
suburbstringSuburb name.
citystringCity name or state name. Depending on destination country, if state information is available, this should be the abbreviated state code.
postcodestringPost code, for NZ addresses, this can be left blank if unknown.
countrystringISO Alpha 2 country code, eg NZ, AU, US, UK, CN.
delvrefstringOrder number, or customer reference for this order.
delvinstructionsstringAny specific instructions to be printed on the label.
contactnamestringName of person, optional.
contactphonestringPhone number of person, optional.
emailstringEmail address for track & trace email, optional.

Return format

A string object with true for a successful submit or false for an ignored submit.

Request example

curl --location -g --request PUT '' \
--header 'access_key;' \
--header 'site_id;' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
  "packingslipno": "test-14-07-01",
  "consignee": "Test,",
  "address1": "1 Queens Street",
  "address2": "",
  "suburb": "Auckland Centrol",
  "city": "Auckland",
  "postcode": "",
  "country": null,
  "delvref": null,
  "delvinstructions": null,
  "contactname": null,
  "contactphone": null,
  "email": null

Response example

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