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Get the current status of an order.


  • Method: GET
  • Content Type: application/json
  • URL:


  • access_key : your unqiue api key provided by GSS.
  • site_id : which site you are requesting action for.


packingslipnostringSpecify the unique order number from your source system, that was used as the packing slip no when the order was published.

Return format

A JSON object with order status.


packingslipnostringUnique order number or packing slip number from your system.
consigneestringRecipient name.
statusstringCurrent status of order, options PENDING/PICKED/DELIVERED.
ticketnumberstringUnique consignment number.
trackingurlstringTrack and trace website url.
pickeddateLocalised to pickup timezone, pickup time stamp. null if not picked yet.
delivereddateLocalised to destintation timezone, delivery time stamp. null if not delivered yet.
ticketprinteddatedateLocalised to origin timezone, when the shipment ticket was created. null if not created yet.
ticketprintedbystringUsername of the user, creating the ticket.
ticketdeleteddatedateLocalised to NZ timezone, date and time when the ticket was deeted, if deleted. null if not deleted.
ticketdeletedbystringUsername of the user, deleting the ticket.

Request example

curl --location --request PUT '' \
--header 'access_key;' \
--header 'site_id;' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data ''

Response example

  "packingslipno": "SSORDER5840",
  "consignee": "PHOTO DREAMS LIMITED",
  "status": "DELIVERED",
  "ticketnumber": "SSPOT012671",
  "trackingurl": "",
  "picked": "2014-06-03T08:40:00",
  "delivered": "2014-06-03T14:46:45",
  "ticketprinteddate": "2014-06-03T08:30:00",
  "ticketprintedby": "",
  "ticketdeleteddate": null,
  "ticketdeletedby": null
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